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Running OpenShift on AWS

Last week I had the pleasure of co-delivering a webinar with RedHat on running OpenShift on AWS.

Today many organizations shift from monolithic applications to microservices. Typically they also improve their application development process doing so.

Companies often experience difficulties in implementing effective DevOps processes. Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform was designed to enable organizations to easily develop, deploy, and manage both traditional and cloud-native applications across on-premises and cloud environments. AWS makes it easy to do this in a cost-efficient, scalable and global way while also getting access to native AWS Services from OpenShift through the Service Broker.

In this webinar you learn how to get started with the newly designed AWS Quick Start. This Quick Start enables customers to easily take advantage of Red Hat OpenShift on AWS and its selection of frameworks and services to accelerate their application.

You can see the on-demand recording here:


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