"I am a geek, father, diver, photographer, car enthusiast, motocyclist, foodie and traveller. I speak to everyone who wants to listen. I write, I code, and I am deeply passionate about agile infrastructure and automation."

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Take the wheel

“Take the wheel” , Havana, Cuba May 2017 Havana has a lot of old cars from both US and Russia, or the old Sovietunion if you like. Its[..]

BY : Ragnar Harper June 11, 2017 0 Comment

Life of a saleswoman

I found this woman selling something to drink at Monas, Jakarta. She pulled the cart behind her, and established her shop for the day.

BY : Ragnar Harper August 26, 2016 0 Comment

Monk in Kuala Lumpur

  Travelling around the world I meet amazing people. Like this monk I met in Petaling Street of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Petaling Street is known to be chinatown[..]

BY : Ragnar Harper April 5, 2016 0 Comment

Night by the window

  Night by the window was captured in Lofoten, Norway. It was around 2am, and we drove around the archipelago taking photos.We found this abandoned house by the[..]

BY : Ragnar Harper March 16, 2016 0 Comment