"I am a geek, father, diver, photographer, car enthusiast, motocyclist, foodie and traveller. I speak to everyone who wants to listen. I write, I code, and I am deeply passionate about agile infrastructure and automation."

About Me

I am a geek, father, diver, photographer, car enthusiast, motorcyclist, foodie, and traveler. I  speak to everyone who wants to listen. I write – I code, and I am deeply passionate about cloud architecture, security, and automation.

I got my first computer – a Commodore 64 – when I was nine years old. You can say we fall in love immediately, and it was no surprise I continued that path. Today I work with Amazon Web Services, but everything you read here is my own opinions and view

Currently, as a Partner Solution Architect with AWS, I assist software companies with moving to and build “cloud native” solutions. This includes everything from large traditional monoliths moving to the cloud, as well as smaller startups natively building on the cloud from the start.

Previously I held the position as Chief Infrastructure and Security Architect at Telenor, and I spent years with Microsoft in their Cloud Center of Excellence as an architect.

I travel a lot – actually,  more than a lot. Both for work and pleasure. For work, I am on the road (well, more like in the cloud) visiting our customers every week.

I love diving; even I don’t get to dive as much as I like. When I lived in Indonesia, it was so simple to dive, but I don’t feel the cold waters in Norway is as tempting.

You can often see me take photos, either with my phone or my Canon 5D III. I started out around 2004 with a Canon 20D, upgraded to 30D, 40D, 7D and lately to 5D III. Most of my photographs are of nature or streets, but I am an amateur taking photos of everything.

Did I mention I am hooked on cars and motorcycles too? Currently, I have a BMW Z3, Jeep Grand Cherokee and a Tesla Model S. As well as my old motorcycle, a 1986 Honda VF500. I guess my bike is due for a replacement soon 🙂 (and as of 2017 I have upgraded it to a BMW K1200GT).

On the weekends it is not unlikely that I make some food. I love to cook – and barbecue is my favorite. Luckily I have a family that loves my cooking. Yes – I also have a family. Me, my wife Siri and three girls Maria, Camilla, and Hedda.

I currently live in London UK, but still call Trondheim , Norway, home.


Diving in Thousand Island, Jakarta

I love diving, and am a PADI Advanced Diver


My Capture

I mostly carry my camera around, and when I don’t, I still bring my phone. I love photographing cities, nature, people



Since I was a kid I loved BMW’s, and since I saw the BMW Z3 I fell in love with the design. Been happy owner since 2007.


Ok, so cars have been the same for loooong time. Then these team from Silicon Valley is changing the industry. What is not to love about the Tesla? Best car I owner. Ever. Period.

My first Tesla was a 2014 model Model S  – and in June 2018 it was traded in for a blue Model S 100D.




My current ride is this BMW K1200GT – a grand tourer from BMW that loves to be taken for long rides.

1986 Honda VF500

It is 30 years old, and could probably be considered a classic now. But still an awesome engine that begs to be driven.


Around the world

I guess my passion is travelling and experiencing the world. That’s why I travel both for work and hobby.



Who does not fancy Italian food? For sure I love Italian food.


I do BBQ year around. Really.

Nasi Goreng

Indonesian food becomes a favorite after living there and getting used to the tasty Indonesian food.

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